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Volume: 200g

Type: Dogs

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Plastic

Item Type: Bowls

Applicable Dog Breed: Small Dog

Bullet Points:
1、Electric water dispenser filter cotton: activated carbon in the filter can remove bad taste and odor, keep the water clean and fresh.
2、Cotton net: filter out any sediment that may exist in tap water, completely capture hair, sediment and debris.
3、Environmental Cat Fountain Filter: 10 packs, filter every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the water fresh.
4、For the health of pets: help filter drinking water, keep our pets safe and drink, stay healthy.
5、Universal type: size about 130*130*6mm/5.12*5.12*0.24in, suitable for most drinking fountains in the market, pay attention to measuring the size of the filter cotton before drinking.
10PCS cat fountain water dispenser filter cotton activated carbon filter pet electric water dispenser filter cotton round universal

Material: cotton + activated carbon
Size: about 130*130*6mm/5.12*5.12*0.24in
Quantity: 10PCS
Suitable for: general purpose (most of the water dispensers on the market)
1. Rinse the filter thoroughly with water before use.
2. Change the filter every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the water fresh.

1. Electric water dispenser filter cotton: activated carbon in the filter can remove bad taste and odor, keep the water clean and fresh.
2. Cotton net: filter out any sediment that may exist in tap water, completely capture hair, sediment and debris.
3. Environmental Cat Fountain Filter: 10 packs, filter every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the water fresh.
4. For the health of pets: help filter drinking water, keep our pets safe and drink, stay healthy
5. Universal type: size 130*130*6mm, suitable for most drinking fountains in the market, pay attention to measuring the size of the filter cotton before drinking.


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