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Gift Bag Size


Use9: Candy bar

Use8: Party supplies

Use7: Halloween decoration

Use6: Wedding decoration

Use5: bachelorette party supplies

Use4: funny packaging pouch

Use3: Wedding Favors and Gifts Box

Use2: First Aid Favor Bags

Use19: Wedding Favors For Guests

Use18: Wedding Gifts

Use17: Hangover Kit Bags

Use16: Wedding Gifts Batch For Guests

Use15: Hangover Recovery Kit

Use14: Spanish Wedding Hangover Kit

Use13: Survival Kit

Use12: gift bags wholesales

Use11: table decoration

Use10: table decor

Use1: Wedding Favor Holder Bag

Size: 4 inch x 5.5 inch (10 x 14 cm)

Package: 50/15pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Occasion: Wedding & Engagement,Grand Event,Birthday Party,April Fool's Day,Father's Day,Thanksgiving,Party,Valentine's Day,wedding,Halloween,Easter,New Year,Graduation

Number of Pcs: 50pcs

Model Number: 9cm x 13cm

Material: Other

Material: Cotton & Muslin

Color: Ivory

Brand Name: JunMu


Material: Cotton & Muslin

Quality:   Top Quality

Brand:     New,Never Used

Color:      Ivory

Size:        About 10cm x 14cm(4" x 5.5")

Package Included:50/15 X Bags

Eco-friendly material,washable,reusable,natural color,good quality cotton,not transparent.

Perfect for packaging DIY wedding favors e.g. Chocolates,sugared almonds,handmade soap,

fresh coffee beans.etc.


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